Pyreverse analyses Python code and extracts UML class diagrams and package depenndencies. Since september 2008 it has been integrated with Pylint (0.15).


Pyreverse builds a diagram representation of the source code with:
  • class attributes, if possible with their type
  • class methods
  • inheritance links between classes
  • association links between classes
  • representation of Exceptions and Interfaces

Generation of UML diagrams with Pyreverse

The command pyreverse generates the diagrams in all formats that graphviz/dot knows, or in VCG :

The following command shows what dot knows:

$ dot -Txxx
Format: "xxx" not recognized. Use one of: canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dia dot
eps fig gd gd2 gif hpgl imap imap_np ismap jpe jpeg jpg mif mp pcl pdf pic
plain plain-ext png ps ps2 svg svgz tk vml vmlz vrml vtx wbmp xdot xlib

pyreverse creates by default two diagrams:

$ pyreverse -o png -p Pyreverse pylint/pyreverse/
creating diagram packages_Pyreverse.png
creating diagram classes_Pyreverse.png
  • -o : sets the output format
  • -p name : yields the output files packages_name.png and classes_name.png


One can modify the output with following options:

-a N, -A    depth of research for ancestors
-s N, -S    depth of research for associated classes
-A, -S      all ancestors, resp. all associated
-m[yn]      add or remove the module name
-f MOD      filter the attributes : PUB_ONLY/SPECIAL/OTHER/ALL
-k          show only the classes (no attributes and methods)
-b          show 'builtin' objects


General Vue on a Module

pyreverse -ASmy -k -o png pyreverse/ -p Main
[image : classes_Main.png, class diagram with all dependencies]

full size image

With these options you can have a quick vue of the dependencies without being lost in endless lists of methods and attributes.

Detailed Vue on a Module

pyreverse -c PyreverseCommand -a1 -s1 -f ALL -o png  pyreverse/
[image : PyreverseCommand.png, pyreverse.diagram.ClassDiagram class diagram with one dependency level]

module in full size image

Show all methods and attributes of the class (-f ALL). By default, the class diagram option -c uses the options -A, -S, -my, but here we desactivate them to get a reasonably small image.

Configuration File

You can put some options into the file ".pyreverserc" in your home directory.


--filter-mode=PUB_ONLY --ignore doc --ignore test
This will exclude documentation and test files in the doc and test directories. Also, we will see only "public" methods.
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